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About Us

Pinpoint Financial Planning

Welcome to Pinpoint Financial Planning

We are a boutique financial planning firm focused on helping clients achieve and maintain financial independence so they can get to do the things they aspire to without money woes.

Financial independence means different things to different people but at Pinpoint Financial Planning we excel at understanding our clients’ goals and dreams to put in place a strategic roadmap that’ll lead to financial freedom and happiness.

We are about helping our clients make smart financial decisions today for a brighter tomorrow and future.

About Jay

Certified Financial Planner & Principal

Hi! My name is Jay Belevski, and I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and the Principal of Pinpoint Financial Planning.

I have been helping clients with their financial planning needs for over 17 years gaining valuable experience, and in 2007 attained the highest financial planning certification as a Certified Financial Planner CFP® which is recognised worldwide and holds the highest level of commitment to ethical standards.

I love doing what I do, and it’s a special privilege to understand my clients’ needs, goals and family matters to be able to provide considered, personal advice, and to be there to celebrate financial and personal milestones. I’m inspired to be a better financial planner every day, especially when I experience, first hand, clients reaching their financial goals and gaining value from our advice.

At Pinpoint Financial Planning, we are proud to always Lead with Advice, not product. We always put your best interests first, no exceptions.

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is all about YOU, and what you want to achieve financially, for you and your family. It’s not about which investments you should have or which managed fund you should invest into or which stock or shares you should buy and sell. It is more than that. It has emotional value attached to it, and it has everything to do with what YOU want to achieve in life, and what matters most to you.
It’s planning for your future. It’s about painting a ‘big picture’ of your goals, dreams and objectives so that a roadmap can be designed to help you navigate your way to your ‘big picture’ destination.


What matters most to you?
Whatever your financial goals maybe, it’s easier to identify what they are with a professional who can help draw out your ‘big picture’ goals, and prioritise them based on what matters most to you.


How can we achieve our goals?
With big picture goals identified, now it’s time to put a plan together specific to your needs and wants. A plan is really breaking down your big picture destination into small easy to navigate directions and steps.


How can we take our first step?
Taking the first step is the most important step to take to achieve your identified goals. Get started by working closely with your planner so you are able to navigate your way with ease, clarity and confidence.