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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Understand how you can effectively use your hard earned savings like your investments or super to plan a retirement lifestyle that is right for you.

What is your ideal retirement lifestyle?

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When do you wish to retire?

Have you ever wondered when you would like to retire? This is an important question, and your answer can impact upon many decisions you need to consider and start making now to prepare you for your ideal retirement age.

Are you ready to retire?

You may know when you would like to retire but are you ready for it? Getting ready for your retirement is as simple as starting to get a plan together so you are ready to retire when you want to. Involving a financial planner in this important step can provide you with tips and strategies on how to get ready.

Do you have enough savings for retirement?

One of the key steps in ensuring whether you are ready to retire when you want to is to know the affordability factor. That is, do you have enough savings tucked away for your retirement or do you need to take a more proactive approach to build up a bigger ‘nest egg’? It’s helpful to discuss with a planner your financial situation to look at your wealth building options like are you making the most of your super and non-super investments?

How much income do you need?

How much income you need at retirement depends on many factors like when you would like to retire and on how much savings you have to retire on. This raises the important awareness that planning for retirement should start as early as possible as many personal, financial and life factors need to be taken into consideration, and this requires careful planning, orchestration and time to bring all factors together to ensure retirement goals can be met.