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Pinpoint Financial Planning launches new website

We are very pleased to announce our new Pinpoint Financial Planning website is live and accessible at: The re-design and launch of our website signals a change in the… Read more »

Why is it important to invest?

Whatever your goals may be in life, whether it’s to send your kids to private schools or to retire at an early age and sail around the world, investing your… Read more »

How much money do I need to retire?

How much does one need to retire? It’s a great question but the answer is so different for everyone as it’s a highly personal thing, and very dependant on one’s… Read more »

How can we make the most of our super?

Planning for your retirement may seem like a long way away but it’s never too early to start, and making the most of your super is a super smart way… Read more »

How can we buy our first home?

Thinking of buying your first home is exciting yet daunting and confusing. Where do you start? is a common question young couples struggle with, so to make the home buying… Read more »

Do we need to set up a family trust?

A family trust otherwise known as a Discretionary Trust is a trust commonly set up in Australia but poorly understood as to why you would set one up. One of… Read more »

How can I manage my own super but still receive advice?

How can I manage my own super but still receive advice? When it comes to managing your own super there are many benefits with setting up a Self Managed Super… Read more »